I’m back home 

 So I’m back. I’m not going to lie – I wish I was still there. In France. There are people I missed over in England but I had my favourite people in world with me at the time (yes before I get texts saying what about me? There were 4 or 5 people of whom I missed so much as well) anyhow I’m home and wishing I was still there and complaining about how it went to quick. However, don’t we all?      Have any of you guys been to see your moved away relatives lately? I’m going to be totally honest on the way back to England I was just listening to music and sometimes I found myself trying to fight the tears and telling myself you’ll see them soon. I hope I do. So next weeks post I think will be about how to deal with leaving your moved away relatives. I hope it’ll help you (and maybe even me)

            I also just want to say are my posts to short? I would really appreciate it if you left a comment below saying whether you like the length they’re at or whether you’d like the, to be longer. Thanks guys.

            My upload of montage videos will hopefully be up on my YouTube channel by Friday and I’ll give you all the details in my next post.

Harri xo


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